About the ClassTeaching eJournal

The ClassTeaching eJournal is:

  • Teacher centred and utilises a reflective practice pedagogy.
  • A reflective tool that can comes loaded with the Australian Professional Teachers Standards framework.
  • Built to meet teachers’ and schools’ assessment and feedback management
  • Is cloud based and secure.

Why use this Professional Learning eJournal?

You will be able to implement reflective processes as the starting point for face to face conversations about teachers’ professional learning.

You will meet national requirements to implement teachers performance assessment and leaders provision of feedback to teachers.

The eJournal:

  • Makes it easy to collect and manage documents to support teachers’ self-assessment and plan professional development
  • Provides a tool for teacher and leaders’ assessment against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST)
  • Makes the registration process easier for your teachers
  • Is secure and cloud based
  • Can be accessed through any desktop, notebook or tablet web browser.


Around 12 cents per day per eJournal subscription.

  • Contract teachers can subscribe as individuals and can be linked to multiple schools.
  • Training institutions can be account holders for their students, who can take their account with them when they graduate.
  • Individual teachers can be accommodated on the ClassTeaching Home account.