Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice is the process of reviewing our teaching practice (and other things that affect this) in order to continuously improve our teaching. The review process provides insights into how our own behaviour, emotional well being and attitudes may affect our students’ behaviour and learning. The ClassTeaching eJournal provides a way to reflect, self assess, invite feedback and create a learning plan based on our reflections and feedback.

Reflective Practice utilises a collection of tools that assist teachers reflect on and improve their daily work. The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers provide one framework for teachers to reflect on their teaching practice.

Simple questions can be powerful Reflective Practice tools and may elicit answers providing the knowledge that will lead to a positive change in our behaviour, or further develop our repertoire. For example:

  • The answer to: “What part of the lesson worked especially well today?” or: “What was one thing that my students had trouble with?” may change the way I structure a lesson, or approach my students.
  • If I ask: “What is going on in my life that may be positively or negatively impacting on my personal classroom feelings or behaviours?”  I may gain insight into personal changes that could improve my life inside and outside the classroom.

Many resources are available to assist us frame effective questions and respond to them.

Using these tools with other teachers adds wider perspectives and insights, strengthens team approaches, creates rich learning conversations and builds supportive networks.

You can access reflective practice resources and tools via our Reflective Practice Resources page.

Reflective Practice Articles and Research

Flinders University SA
Beginning Teachers and Reflective Practice – Setting the Scene

Victorian DEECD – Louise Marbina, Amelia Church & Collette Tayler
Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework Evidence Paper: Practice Principles and Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice
Online Resource – These resources have been gathered by a team of teacher educators co-ordinated by Bath Spa University Lifelong Learning Initial Teacher Training (LL ITT) team.

Paul Warwick
Notes for the Busy Teacher – note: This 13 page article explores the history, theory and application of Reflective Practice and introduces the reader to a variety of models.