Catholic Education SA 2014 Observation Workshop Series Resources


At the request of CESA, this page contains links to papers used in the CESA 2104 Workshops of the above name.

For Copyright reasons, only papers freely accessed on the web have been included.
If the referenced papers could not be found on the web, we may have substituted alternative papers on the same topic, identified by brackets [….]

Please respect and adhere to the copyright conditions of each document.

Workshop 1 – 20th March 2014 – Presented by Estelle Lewis, AISNSW

Resources and Handouts


Workshop 2 – 20th May 2014 – Presented by Eric Frangenheim, Rodin Educational Consultancy


Resources and Handouts

Survey Resources


Workshop 3 – 17th June 2014 – Presented by Estelle Lewis, AISNSW

Workshop Prereading

The above 4 readings are authored by: Megan W. Stuhlman, Bridget K. Hamre, Jason T. Downer, & Robert C. Pianta, – CASTL – University of Virginia
There are many other resources available at the CASTL wesbite.

Other workshop Activity Readings


Workshop 4 – 21st August 2014 – Presented by Grant O’Sullivan, Growth Coaching international


Workshop Resources

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