Q. How do I navigate my eJournal?

Click here for details on navigating your eJournal.

Q. What if I forget my password?

Clicking on ‘Forgot Password’, found underneath the login field on the Login page sends a ‘reset password’ email to the eJournal Owners email inbox. Login using the new password that is sent to you and reset your password in User Account, Manage Account or Account Administrator.

Q. What does it cost a school to use the ClassTeaching Professional Development eJournal?

During our introductory period, a school pays a once only licence fee and account establishment fee of $900, plus an annual subscription of $45 for each eJournal owner. GST is additional. Each school’s subscription prices are fixed for 3 years from the initial purchase date, after which annual subscriptions may be increased in accord with cost of living rises.

Q. Can our school get a trial or demonstration of the eJournal?

Contact ClassTeaching to discuss the best way for your school to explore the eJournal and it’s suitability to your school. View the PDF document showing screens from the eJournal.

Q. What I.T. support does a school require?

The system is cloud based and accessed by web browser. There is no technical set up, software upgrading or maintenance required by Schools except to set protocols allowing eJournal Owners access ClassTeaching’s secure server via their school network using their desktop, laptop, iPad or tablet.

Q. How do I get support for setting up our school account?

All schools may access one hour of telephone/Skype support to assist them in setting up their account. Additional time will be charged at an hourly rate. Each account holder has access to the Set Up Guide.

Q. What if I don’t get Event Invitations?

Some spam filters send system generated emails into your email ‘Spam’ or ‘Junk’ folder. Check your ‘Spam’ or ‘Junk’ folders to see if your event invitations are there. If they are, add the address [email protected] to your email address book.

Q. What types of accounts are there in the ClassTeaching eJournal?

eJournal Owners, Account Managers and Account Administrators. Click here to find out what each does.

Q. How do eJournal owners access their eJournal?

eJournal owners access their eJournal through any web-browser, logging in with their subscription email address and password.

Q. Can I take my eJournal with me when I change schools?

Yes. Contact us to find out how you can transfer your eJournal to another school’s account. If you are not immediately going to another school, the account can be held in the ‘ClassTeaching Home’ account and operated as normal, until transferred to another school.

Q. Can I get a ClassTeaching eJournal if I am not attached to a school?

Yes. You can subscribe to ClassTeaching Home at $165 (GST inc) for a three year subscription which includes the account establishment fee. This account is especially useful to teachers in training, or for teachers taking time out from school who want to maintain professional records for use in Teacher’s Registration and in preparing applications for teaching positions.

Q. Can we add new Templates to our account?

Schools can create their own Templates using the Flexible Template which comes as part of the Administrator’s eJournal Account.

Q. Can we get assistance in creating new templates?

Yes, you can contact us for assistance. Fees apply if we create the Template for you, but not if you create Templates yourself. From time to time, ClassTeaching will offer workshops to assist schools, or groups of schools, to create new templates. Fees may apply for this service.

Q. Is our data secure?

ClassTeaching has purchased the most secure cloud based data storage available. We daily back up our account data and operating systems onto multiple servers. While we have taken all care, some circumstances are outside our control, so all eJournal owners are advised to save copies of their data on their own storage systems. ClassTeaching cannot and does not accept responsibility for data loss which occurs due to factors outside our specific control.

Q. Are versions of the Professional Development eJournal available for other professions or organisations?

Yes. Contact us to find out about Professional Development eJournals for your professional group.

Q. What browsers can we use to access our eJournals?

The eJournal is optimised for Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome and Explorer. Some schools have protocols in place that adversely impact on Explorer, by limiting access to certain functions. If you find particular eJournal buttons that appear not to respond, check the button operation by opening the software in another type of browser. If that works, please send us the details of the original problem, the browser type and version and we will endeavour to design around the problem. If you have an IT support person in your school, talk to them to see if they can edit the school protocol to facilitate access to another browser permitted by your school.

Q. Can we access our eJournal on an iPad or a Tablet?

Yes. Tablet and iPad browsers support the eJournal for almost all functions, but the attachment of Documents is not as easy as when using a laptop, PC or Mac. Version 2 ClassTeaching eJournal will be optimised for tablets and iPads, making things even easier.

Q. Is there anything different about using an iPad or a Tablet?

iPads and android tablets don’t have the same file storage facilities as computers. Documents or videos can only be stored on and uploaded from your iPad or tablet if you have downloaded an app to allow your iPad or tablet to do this. Go to Apple Support to find out how to do this.

Q. Can I use my iPad, iPhone or tablet to take and upload videos? VE Streamfolio

Yes. You first need to go to iTunes to download our free app VEStreamfolio (Video Evidence Streamfolio). After you have installed VEStreamfolio on your iPhone or iPad, you need to enter your eJournal login email address and password into the fields which appear when you open the app. If you change your password or email address in the eJournal, you must enter your new email address and password into VEStreamfolio.

Q. Can I use my Android Tablet to take and upload movies?

You can record videos on your tablet, transfer them to a PC or Laptop and upload the videos from your computer to your eJournal. To do this, use the ‘attach video’ and the ‘upload video’ link which is found in the ‘EJournal Owners Documentation” section of each Focus Area or Indicator Area of your eJournal. Clicking on ‘Link Video’ will open the VESTREAMFOLIO web application. The HELP button on the Streamfolio control page will give you additional information.  An app is not yet available for uploading videos that you record on your Android phone or tablets.

Q. What is the best way to introduce the eJournal to staff?

AITSL National Professional Teachers Standards have 7 Standards and 37 Focus Areas.

On opening the eJournal, the task of addressing all standards and focus areas may appear overwhelming. Take it one step at a time. There is no need to immediately address all focus areas.

Individual teachers can decide how they can best use their eJournals. At a school level, it may be helpful to choose one or two standards which appear most relevant to your group of teachers. At each staff meeting, spend 10-15 minutes discussing the meaning of the Standard and focus areas, working through the Focus Areas at a rate of one per week.

By forming teachers into pairs or small reflection groups you can discuss the Standards, Focus Area and Illustrations of Practice, drawing on your shared experience and the AITSL Illustrations of Practice. You may also share uploaded videos that illustrate your own classroom practices.

Outside staff meetings, teachers can self assess against the ‘Focus Area of the week. The already formed groups or pairs can support and assist each other to identify evidence supporting their self assessments, attaching this evidence to the appropriate Focus Area/s in their eJournals.

Once evidence has been uploaded, individual teachers can then invite from supervisors/line managers, peers and mentors to give them feedback on their self assessments, using the eJournal’s Manage Feedback functions.

Q. How much time does a teacher need to commit to their eJournal process?

This will vary greatly, depending on the number of Standards and Focus Areas you want to address. Current experience shows that an initial burst of time is first needed, but that this decreases over time. One teacher said that she spent about 5 hours over 3 – 4 weeks going through the initial self-assessment of all Focus Areas and now spends about 30 minutes updating her Assessments and Action Plan each week.

Some people might spend ten minutes at the end of each day attaching evidence. You can use the eJournal to store documents important to your teaching.

Q. How do I give effective feedback?

The ClassTeaching eJournal is an online tool to give feedback to teachers and to leaders with an eJournal.

There are times when, for safety and poor performance reasons, it is important to give a person feedback without them asking for it. However, feedback is most effective when a person has invited it. Our links page contains some links to websites that provide more information about giving feedback using a strength based approach. Giving effective feedback is a skill that can be taught, and learnt, but must be practiced.

Q. Is the ClassTeaching eJournal endorsed by specific school systems?

The eJournal was launched at the start of term one 2013. It was developed in collaboration with 4 Catholic Schools in South Australia, over a 15 month period of design, development and testing. The Catholic Education Office has hosted a series of workshops and forums to introduce the eJournal to its schools and consultants and more will take place during 2014, and if you are interested in being part of a reflective practice development program, contact us.

SA Department of Education and Child Development invited us to display to teachers at their June 2013 Connected event.

The Principals Institute Australia hosted a Webinar featuring the eJournal.

Workshops have been requested by Independent Schools and principals associations. Contact us for more information about these.

Q. Will more features be added?

Version 2 of the ClassTeaching eJournal is currently being developed, incorporating many improvements. Current users data will be automatically transferred to the new version.

If you have suggestions for improvements to the eJournal, please contact us.