Hints for Using the eJournal

Here are some hints for getting the most out of using the eJournal.

1. Don’t let the number of Standards and Focus Areas overwhelm you.
January 2016 is the first Teacher Registration date requiring assessment against Professional Standards for Teachers.
That means that you don’t have to rush to fill in all aspects, which done in a rush can be a daunting task.

2. Go easy on yourself
Don’t try and fill in all 37 focus areas in one go. Do it bit by bit.
Or, arrange a regular fortnightly time with another teacher to help each other make your eJournal entries.

3. In small schools
Schedule 10 minute discussions at each staff meeting.
Each time, have a different teacher demonstrate how their response to one standard or focus area.
Cover all Standards and focus areas over an 18 month period.

4. In large schools
Create ‘reflective groups’ of 2 or three teachers meeting once a fortnight to assist each other identify your strengths and your evidence.
Then use eJournal peer / mentor invitations to invite peer feedback on your entries.

5. Enter once: Use many times
Upload your teaching documents or videos as you create them or as you put together a lesson or a teaching program.
You can tag the documents focus area evidence at a later time and you can tag one document to multiple focus areas.

6. Fill in your CV bit by bit
There is no need to rush!
When all sections of your CV have  been filled out, you will have all information required for Teacher Registration in one place, and can easily update or download it.

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